Discussion Papers on the International Labour Organisation

Discussion Paper No. 1.

The ILAW Network has prepared a short briefing paper on the right to bargain collectively, in response to previous comments put forward by the Employers Group. We want to thank in particular ILAW members Tom Roberts and Femi Aborisade for their work on the draft. As some of you may be aware, the Employers Group has each year since 2012 attempted to undermine the authority of the ILO Committee of Experts (and the supervisory system generally) and have put forward its own, erroneous, interpretations of ILO conventions. While the Employers Group started by claiming that the right to strike is not protected by ILO conventions, they have since moved on to deny similar rights under other conventions. Lately, the Employers Group attack has been to deny fundamental aspects of the right to bargain collectively. This briefing paper is available in both English and Spanish.